Christopher Schalge recently completed a dissertation at Sofia University entitled, “Aikido as a Somato-Spiritual Based Praxis for the Constructive Handling of Social Conflict”

Christopher SchlageUsing a battery of survey measures, including the Body Insight Scale (BIS) and the Spiritualty in the Workplace Scale, findings indicate that (1) increases in spirituality and body insight were positively correlated with constructive conflict-management styles and (2) the use of dominating and avoiding conflict styles in the workplace decreased as aikido training advanced. Committee members were David Lukoff (Chair), Dough Oman, and Paul Linden.

Diana Marquise Raab recently completed a dissertation at Sofia University entitled, “Creative Transcendence: Memoir Writing for Transformation and Empowerment”

diana-home2Through studying published memoirs written by esteemed writers inspired by pivotal or transcendent experience and interviewing the writers, narrative portraits exemplified the positive effects of the writing process. The portraits and interpretations suggest that writing a full-length memoir may lead to transformation and a sense of empowerment. Committee members were Jay Dufrechou (Chair), Dorit Netzer, and Tristine Rainer.

Patrick T. Baltazar recently completed a dissertation at Sofia University entitled, “Psychospiritual Transformation Through Chronic Illness: An Intuitive Inquiry”

Patrick BaltazarFindings reveal critical moments in a process of transformation, including (1) initial physical crisis and shock of diagnosis, (2) an attempt to return to previous lifestyle and a search for a cure, (3) periods of mourning, fear, and helplessness, (4) confronting the shadow aspects of personality, (5) self-care from an embodied perspective, (6) paradoxical movement between surrender and will, (7) new lifestyle, expanded sense of self, and an integration of inner opposites, (8) sense of interconnectedness with the world and compassionate service. Committee members were Nancy Rowe (Chair), Kevin K. Krycka, and Ilke K. List.